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There are particular appraisal difficulties for a home in foreclosure or one that has reverted to the lender's control.

For a home in foreclosure, you may need to know the difference between the fair market worth and "quick disposition" worth to know your probable charge-off liability. At Miller Realty, we have the training in both presenting snapshots of fair market value for our mortgage servicing clients, in addition to "quick sale" forecasts that understand your time line.

You need a company with the training to handle the particular dynamics of a foreclosure appraisal. Contact Miller Realty for a company you can .

Owners of homes in foreclosureunfortunately can present special challenges. They may be uncooperative when it comes to allowing the appraiser access to the house. Often the properties show signs of vandalism, unfortunately at the hands of the residents. Or, it's common to find a house at least abandoned or the home languishing in disrepair for long of time.

You'll be interested in an expedited disposition if the home has already reverted to REO. So you need to know and analyze three values - "as-is", "as repaired", and "quick sale". These correspond to: the worth of the house without any repairs done to it, with the repairs called for to make the property marketable at full market value corresponding with similar real estate in the area, and with minor investment in repairs - selling the property quickly, probably as a "fixer-upper".

Again, we understand your timeline and the specific circumstances of an REO property, in addition to the specific information you'll need - competing listings, neighborhood trends, and the like. You can count on Miller Realty to handle the task of your REO professionally and efficiently. Contact us today.